Speed Typing Test

The timer will countdown once you start typing. Use the spacebar or comma to go to the next word.

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* Words Per Minute is the calculated average of the correct keystrokes. *


About Speed Type Test

This website offers a free and simple speed typing test. Our test measures your words per minute, keystrokes, correct words and wrong words. The test is 60 seconds long and you can re-take it as many times as you wish.

Improve your Speed Typing Skills

Taking our speed type test can improve your speed typing skills over time. Take a note of your score the very first time you take the test and compare it to your score after a week or so. Try to take a minimum of 10 tests per day for 7 days and see how much faster your speed typing skills become.

Share your results with friends and challenge them!

To make our speed typing test more interesting, you can share your results with family and friends on Facebook. Challenge them to beat your score by sharing it with one click direct to your Facebook wall after you take a test.


Words per minute: How many words you attempt per minute. This includes both correct and incorrect entries.

Keystrokes: How many keys you hit during the 60 seconds. For example, the word "speed" has 5 characters, each character is a keystroke. Entering the word "speed" means that you hit 5 keys which is a keystroke of 5.

Correct words: How many correct words you entered during the test.

Wrong words: How many incorrect (mistyped) words you entered during the test.

Speed Type Test

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